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The Teutonic Force

Team Description

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 5096 – The Teutonic Force - is a extracurricular activity comprised of high school students and volunteer mentors from the Germantown, Wisconsin area with a mission to offer the experience of exploring real world engineering and business opportunities that inspire appreciation for science and technology.​


Our mission is to cultivate a welcoming environment in which students are inspired and encouraged to learn and innovate.


Our vision is to spread the ideals of FIRST and our team throughout the Germantown community in order to create the next generation of leaders.


Contact Information:


Youtube: The Teutonic Force

Instagram: @theteutonicforce

Core Values:



We inspire students and the community to problem solve through FIRST and STEM initiatives in conjunction with industry professionals.


Our team creates both technical and soft skills within our team members that will help them through their FIRST journey and their careers.



We will lead our community and team by becoming the next generation of leaders and innovators using the skills we learned through FIRST.

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