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Founded in 2014, The Teutonic Force provides opportunities for high students in Germantown, Wisconsin, to learn various career-oriented engineering, design, mathematics, and business skills. Students build robots while growing in leadership and professional skills through connecting with sponsors, running events, and speaking with mentors.


FRC Team 5096 is located in Germantown, Wisconsin; a village formed by incorporating seven separate hamlets that had been settled primarily by German immigrants. “Teutonic” is a term given to Germanic peoples that dates back to ancient Greek and Roman authors. They are known for their tactical genius, courage, bravery, dedication, and negotiating ability. “Force” refers both to a group of people organized for an activity and the strength and energy of our machine's physical actions or movements.


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Mechanical Team Lead
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Programming Team Students
Business & Marketing
 Team Lead
Business & Marketing Team Students
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Team 5096 won the Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Rookie Inspiration Award for its amazing performance in 2014.



      At a local Boy Scout meeting, parents Mr. Alburg and Mr. Ronsman discussed how to bring FIRST robotics to the Germantown area for their children. Mr. Alburg had previously mentored a team in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and is the Wisconsin Regional Judge Advisor. Both Mr. Ronsman and Mr. Alburg had a child that was in their freshman year and wanted to provide a way for them to experience FIRST.

      After a single meeting with prospective mentors, the team began a race to establish itself. FIRST robotics soon became part of the Germantown community. Through Mr. Alburg’s efforts Kennedy Middle School began a FIRST Lego League (FLL) program in the fall of 2013, and the program’s popularity grew rapidly among middle school students and their parents. This growth provided the perfect opportunity to introduce FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) at the high school level. FRC team 5096 was founded in late December of 2013, just days before the 2014 competition season started.

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